More types of schizophernia

anytime, anywhere, evereyone and everything is are changing my senses im having paranoid schiophernia


Kaise ho vinayak …which med are u on…good morning man…


Same, I have paranoid schizophrenia too.

gm mai theek hu im having meds called blonitas, aspritos, niagrine and phenargan

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get well soon chris


Vinayak can u work buddy.??? I am just jobless… mobile reparing kya huwa …!!!

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I’m both schizophrenic and borderline. I’ve actually been taking risperidone since the prodromal stage, and i got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in my early twenties. I actually get mood swings, and i get black and white thinking, inappropriate emotional responses, and urges to hurt my self as well. When it comes to falling in love one, i tend to think highly of them then just suddenly despise everything about them. I’m usually in close contact with that person, so it ends up being a cycle. My psychiatrist says i fall in love too easy, and that i should see a psychologist, but i hate the psychologist at the hospital. She would judge the heck out of me.
I’m not sure sure what type of schizophrenia i have, my file says chronic schizophrenia that’s all. Both relapses i got had really strong borderline personality disorder symptoms, with mood swings and delusions of being in danger due to ppl i cared about. The two diagnoses work in tandem.
Anyway, that’s basically me.

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I also started APs during the prodromal phase.

Are Bro I’m studying as mobile repairer I’m not having job additionaly today was wostest day of my life

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I exactly have the same situation

Never mind! That was the last relapse. I’m not borderline. Ignore that!

I didn’t take the medicine during the prodromal either. I was fully psychotic when i first started taking medicine.

Just ignore that. I was out of my mind.