More things to help me live on my own... if I need them

I’ve been working so hard to keep an eye on things and get more self functioning. I’ve been trying to improve my memory and get better at living on my own…

Out of curiosity, I wondered if a shut off sensor existed… and it does. I’ve been trying to not burn pans using my own memory and paying attention… but it’s nice to know that if I ever get bad again, hopefully my family can plug this into my stove and I won’t burn the place down.

“The CookStop, models CSA-3WP-IRF and CSA-4WP-IRF, is a stove safety sensor designed for use by individuals with cognitive or memory disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease. The system includes a monitoring unit with a motion detector that monitors the appliance’s use and a power box that controls power to the stove. The monitoring unit can be programmed to automatically turn off the stove and oven after 5 seconds to 90 minutes if no activity detected in the kitchen (the factory default is 5 minutes). The CookStop is programmable to allow access to the stove/oven only during certain hours of the day, and it can be over-ridden to cook meals when it is safe to leave the kitchen. To restart or continue cooking after the stove has been turned off, the user and push the green “COOK” button. POWER: Works with either 3- or 4-prong 240-Volt plugs. DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): Power box is 4.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches.”


I love this! Not for myself, since I rarely use the stove, but for my dad, who lives alone and has memory issues. I think I would feel much safer knowing that the stove could be shut off automatically.

I’m going to look into getting this for him!




That’s awesome you found something if you needed it! The one day last week there were two times that day where I forgot I was cooking something. It was only a couple of minutes where I started doing dishes and when I turned to the stove I remembered that I was cooking something. I’ve been using a timer since then to remind me. It concerns me because I’ve also noticed I have more holes in my memory. I can’t remember details in memories that I would have remembered before. Hopefully the ECT isn’t frying my memory. I go tomorrow and will talk to my doctor about it. :sunny:

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I would say that since you are doing so much lately, you might just be falling into a lot of distraction. I wouldn’t rule out the ECT, but of course, talking to the doc, getting the info is very important.

I too get really distracted when my mind starts to race. I did leave a burner on today. That bummed me out. I don’t know how long it was on. But not cool. So I have to slow down more and I also use a timer now.

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Yeah I think you’re right. When I was thinking about it part of me was like oh no I need ECT but I also need my memory for when I start working. The other part of me was like ooh I don’t have to get ECT anymore. But you’re right it could just be that I have a lot going on. That’s scary when you leave a burner on. I would be bummed out too. A timer really seems to help, because I always remember what the timer is for. The day I forget I’ll really be in trouble.
A little joke for you as we’re getting older.
Three older women were sitting around the kitchen table. The one says, “the other day I had the mayo in my hand standing in front of the fridge. I couldn’t remember if I was putting it in or taking it out.” Another lady says, “that’s nothing. I was standing at the top of the stairs the other day and couldn’t remember if I was going up or down.” The third lady looks at both of them and says “thank God I’m not like that. Knock on wood. Oh that’s the door. Let me go get that.”

Haha! Enjoy! :sunny:


I found another website for stove shut off sensors and door sensors.

Again, I’m working to get better… but if I ever get worse… I’m really glad to know that there is some extra help in the world.

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