More than just a cold

my first in five years that i can remember. i’m panicking honesty. i don’t have my vitamins this month AND I’ve been shut in for 6mo. because of depression . it’s silly

it sounds like it`s time to get to the store for some chicken soup, hot tea, toast, and oranges…
Hope you feel better soon!


Eat as healthy as possible. Dr oz says they tested chicken soup and have scientific proof that it actually does help. Try not to eat too much sugar, they did research and showed it kills white blood cells. I don’t eat sugar while I’m sick. Echinacea is good too. One time I was sick I cut out all the sugar and took Echinacea. I had blood work done for my annual check up and my white cell count was through the roof. The doctor thought I had leukemia and phoned me because my white cell count was so high. He tested me after the cold when I stopped taking Echinacea and said I was back to normal.


hope you feel better soon.
take care

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thanks all just today i revived my walking routine works for me