More snow overnight


this morning


The first picture make it all look so peaceful.

Happy winter time!

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oh wow…I wish it would snow this winter here.

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@Jonathan2 & @jukebox I went out in it for a little walk. It’s about 4 new inches this morning. I’m very excited because about a month ago my sister’s landscaper removed her old lawn in her back yard and made two huge hills out of it. My sister was going to just spread it out and work it into the area where she was going to be putting her garden next year. Then one day we were talking about where we could take the grandkids sledding and I said we can just sled on your piles in the back. My sister got an idea.

We spent a couple weekends shaping those grass and dirt piles into bunny slopes for sledding. One for a 5 year old, one for a 3 year old. Last weekend we bought their sleds! We have a visit today at 4pm. We’re sledding tonight!


I can’t believe you’re getting snow so early! The high is 65 with full sun today. I’m in Michigan and it snows here too, just not yet. Middle of November or a little later we’ll start to see some snow.

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