More Problems

So, the medicines weren’t working. Risperdone, Abilify, Seroquel, all made me tired and nothing else. So I stopped taking them. Now, I hear the voices all the time. They yell at night. I talked to a demon that told me if I found a glowing orb, he would stop telling other people my thoughts. So, I drove around for a few hours looking for the orb. I never did find it.

The walls in my house breathe and move, almost making a noise but not quite. I got up to use the bathroom last night and I saw my wife turn into a dead alien. I took my medicines to get rid of these symptoms, but they’re still here. I hear the voices every day, and I get visual hallucinations a few times a week. I had to stay home the other day because there are invisible people watching me. Sometimes, I want to find that orb because I know people are still knowing my thoughts. If I can find it, maybe that problem will stop.

Also, people have to die. It’s not like I’m planning on killing people; a car accident, a fire, a drowning, a death in war, whatever. But people dying prevents earthquakes from connecting with me and my family. I can see cracks in the streets and sidewalks and although I know there’s rational reasons for them, I can’t help but think the earthquakes are coming.

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Sounds like the meds were helping with delusions after all. I hope they can find one that succeeds for you.

Please go back on your meds, sometimes they just take a while to work.

you should go back on the meds