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Ghosts of May 10/10/20

They slept secretly in silent tombs the tumble-stones
cry out soldier! no more do I sleep now in the stone walls
of a forgotten Tower. I cannot take this madness away from you
and there slept many ghosts, she throws an apple
across the unsteady days —The ghosts of May

Forgive me, you oh Terrific terrible enemy
not a thousand lives had I loved for thee
and this one, a heart-broken immortal stranger
You light–you bright white — harbinger of time!
you’re wrong! I am no longer divine
a knight, your stars the waxen souls sown you cruel

obsidian fool as I carved out the rules skinned
out the peach-plush flesh of my hands
their Pumpkin Princess smashed upon the

pyre of stop signs and i dream and I dream and I dream
with war and a cross and sorrows and a deathly hollow
screaming, remind me of my day-of-dreaming!

and the memory of a hidden Island

Man in a top-hat and lady with the brown cats
Oh, here comes the crystalline monarchy

Another key! A Godless Epitaph for them
Epiphany, boot so black to remember the hem
A Condemned blood of err the queen of hemlock

marching on the new dawn a world order

and so I turn back all the clocks! tick tick sir.

Oh my dignified knife, My Kin-Sister
I smashed her china cups to pieces before my Mother

for the meritocracy of our dead ancestors
A sword-a dagger to splice the righteous by

Buried by the sweet menthol smoke of summer
sky-lit hanger-out-with the white-coats after ever

Oh imagined duels between me and rhymes
A Jar of flower’s and vampire criminals

cancerous --stop this dangerous mission.
For I envision-- A Perfect Frame
to hang myself between a beautiful

summer serene behind a veil of perfumed blue
Pure and clean, as pure as a note from the
Deepest halls of the starry black verse

Name- and two worlds the symbols of your
pain, to remember what it meant to hold them.
Same Being impossible with a watermark unseen

and a line across her heart -u-shamed
and a flowery colorful splash
there paintbrushes used to paint magic once more

we are falling in love with our twins
buried beneath the dust and the worms
turning away from sins to earth, the Green Butterflies
in our sweet sweet white-never-ending slumber.

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