More neurosciency crepe (glutamate)

Been looking into this this morning…

Had an episode of insomnia last night and it prompted a need to look into this.

They say the inability to process glutein is correlated with SZ in some cases, or at least that was the talk a while ago. Looking up its role, glutamate plays a part in memory function.

I’m speculating, because glutamate seems pretty important if it is indeed involved with memory… but it could be that once people have glutein removed their diet that memory structure aspect of their ongoing psychosis falls apart. This allows them to think anew and perhaps escape the delusional/persecutory/traumatic scenarios their minds would otherwise trap them in.

I’m interested in looking at the co-development of SZ predisposition (genetically) and glutein intolerance based on the localized diets of the demographically indicated familial groups or ethnicities to see if it undoes the correlation… Say SZ is distributed evenly across all populations… and then the glutein intolerance sets in as a result from the lack of access to grains for a few generations… while they survived on a another food source… perhaps a non glutein grain… where it became more important to process other chemical sources… this would get those who were more “glutein-oriented” a disadvantage and worse health… while those more suited to handle the new diet had better health and more sexual viability.

It could also arise from regional mixing of genetics, creating new gene sets that have some of these features…

anyways. Glutamate seems very good. Especially for those with memory issues. If you aren’t getting your wheat and barley… you might want to check that out.

I was reading this article and it spawned all that thinking in me…

Good sleep is important for a SZ… nah dare I say essential. It’s the only break we get.

Another note serotonin is shown to play a role in memory.

When it comes to reducing negatives its very important to manage your brains chemistry. So long as you aren’t prone to suicidal thinking/violence you have quite a bit of room to mess around with the various options.

There are diets and supplements. I’d recommend supplements… but moreover a stable diet.

I stick with grains and proteins plus a complete multivitamin… also an Omega 3, 6, 9. Calcium supplement on that.

Beef is horribly unhealthy compared to chicken and fish. If you like rice get the multigrain/black rice… it has higher protein and dietary fiber. White rice is basically filler.

Fructose (fruit sugar) is tough for the body to process. Cane sugar is really the only way to go. Sucrose is the stuff you want.

As far as veggies go. They have better fiber/vitamin content. More cellulose which is bulk forming and helps things pass. You’d get enough of that in your grains (if you can handle them).

These are things I’ve been learning in the last 6 months.

Keep on fighting folks. I’ll be posting more when I find things worth sharing.

With summer setting in here in the northern hemi… its the perfect time to get out there and get some exercise. I prefer biking. This spring will be good chance to overrule the negative slant brought onto us by the winter and all it’s bs…