More Motivated

I think I’ve talked about coming off my AP already. It’s been a little more than 2 months now.

My main problems were the debilitating negatives that I got with Invega. Switching to Aristada helped some. I had emotions again, could force myself to do things a bit better.

Since I hadn’t had a psychotic break in over 2 years, my pdoc was okay with me coming off the AP totally. I had issues with bad depression and motivation so I asked for Wellbutrin.

After a week on it and also using L Dopa, I am really starting to feel human again. This weekend I decided, without my husband asking, to clean the dining room, get stuff out of my one closet I need (it is hard to get to because of boxes and a power chair), and clean the litter boxes for 8 kitties.

Today I began prep for dinner very early. I have two major dishes done by noon. I made, for dinner,

Taco salad
Hot dogs
Potato salad
Lazy pierogi
Baked beans
Chili for hot dogs
Cole slaw

All by myself, except the lazy pierogi, my son wanted to help.

Really happy with this AD and supplement combo. Thanks for telling me all about L Dopa, @Aziz


That’s great. I hope things keep getting better for you


Nice, Ldopa was the only thing that worked for my negative symptoms other than reducing ap. But had to stop it after a week it as it made me irritable. I get irritable off meds too. I guess you wont have that side effect as I think you weren’t irritable on it. Good luck and I hope you will feel even better with time.


Great news. I hope you continue to improve and do well @ZombieMombie


@daze go bother someone else. I’m not in the mood.

Wow the food sounds amazing. You’re an awesome person I see that. I hope all your wishes and desires come true including coming off aps if that’s what you wish. Cheers!:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried being AP free before and failed after 6 months. I am hoping the AD solves the issue.

I’m glad that you are feeling better and can get more done also. I hope are able to continue on this path of recovery.

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great to hear you doing better =)
I hope things keep improving!


If you want something more powerful for negative symptoms than Ldopa ask your Dr about Adderall or Ritalin, they boost dopamine and therefore motivation, energy, concentration, etc I will ask my Dr soon about Strattera, if it doesnt work, I will ask about Ritalin and Adderall.

@Aziz I already have. He won’t because he says I will go psychotic. I have to try to find a boost naturally.


Even Strattera? I asked mine about Strattera and he said I have to see a psychiatrist so he’s referring me to one. I hope the pdoc will prescribe Strattera.

Any stimulant at all, even that.


I enjoyed alpha brain but it’s not the same formula anymore and it’s expensive.

I still have lots of Ldopa, pills and powder. I will take it again and see if it still makes me irritable.

Maybe take less. I take 6 capsules and while I don’t feel shaky or manic, I can make myself do things without a lot of turmoil. I don’t feel sped up at all.

My l dopa is different and I think not as strong as yours.


I crashed when ap free, when I reduced my ad. Should of stayed on it.

L dopa is never recommended for motivation as it cause dopamine down regulation which causes more negative symptoms after some time. Also need to up the dose steadily to feel the same effect. Its taken like a last resort medicine for severe parkinson symptoms. But even parkinson patients now avoid this as it can worsen their parkinson much faster when compared with no L dopa.

My suggestion is to check thyroid level and if its not close to hyperthyroidism (TSH < .3) then can ask doctor to prescribe thyroid medication levothyroxine. Levothyroxine is used by body to make both active thyroid hormone T3 and dopamine. Thus indirectly it helps to raise dopamine and carries no side effects like that of L dopa.

Please don’t dispense medical advice. Such as asking for thyroid meds. Those can mess up thyroid function. And for the record, I have had my thyroid checked.


Wow taking L dopa and an antidepressant would land me in the psych ward for 6 months!

Be very careful @ZombieMombie!

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