More Moderators?


Are their more mods now? I noticed a little by-line beside your handles. I thought that was only reserved for moderators. Am I right?

Some of us got Pixelated. lol

or at least it better be @velociraptor having fun, because I can’t hack the Modding! I can’t handle the modding! I thought it was just a light hazing! Don’t saddle me with extra responsibilitiesssss

Excuse me, I have to go put the fun in funeral pulls out goth cape and flies into the sky

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I have no idea what’s going on. I swear.

Pull my finger.

No thanks Mr. “Proctologist to the Stars”. Who knows where that finger has been. :joy:

I know an ___hole when I see one! What can I say?

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Pixel puts the ‘ass’ in Psychiatric Assessment.


Trouser snake charmer??

For Daze how about “Pancakes anybody?”

'Ere now, be nice. (“Firmest sperm worm” is still available, you know.)

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