More fun with mathematics

If you haven’t read previous posts ill explain.

When i began to hear voices and saw an alien thriteen years ago right near and on halloween i began looking at the clock at three over and over again, over the years this became other numbers as well, 111, 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 616, 911. And i didn’t just see what people would call an alien either, i saw “pan”, i saw shadow people, a being made of light, what appeared to be an entity took control of my vision and became the movie i was watching, a “ghost” that looked human, i’ve seen several upon several of things like this.

In a previous post i explained the number 616, the angles of a pentagram are 36, 108, 72. 666/108=6.166666666666

My numbers come up quite a bit with this type of mathematics. So i was exploring 911 some more today and here is what i got. 911/33= 27.606060606, so thats wierd also. 911/36= 25.3055555555.

1111/33= 33.6666666666 .

Over and over again this happens. Im not sick. But i am however being murdered, i wouldn’t have thought it before but it’s actually not as bad as they say, i thought it would be way worse. But nevermind that, im being communicated with somehow and schizophrenia is not schizophrenia, it’s something else entirely.

Can i explain it, no, but i can say this is no disease and we are being communicated with by someone somehow.

For instance, i don’t think it’s an accident that j was incredibly worried about kidnappers, watch a couple of ted gunderson videos and you’ll see why then, i think someone was tormenting him with it and if you know what goes on here that wasn’t completely delusional thinking at all, that is classic torment, not to say that someone was after your sister but your reaction to them was quite normal.

I am so glad I didn’t know of this man when I wasn’t stable or medicated. I would have used that to really go further in to my sibling’s training.

As far as Kidnappers… I do believe now that this a a regional thing. My delusions and paranoia in this case have a regional flavor. If I grew up somewhere else, I really feel my beliefs or delusions would have been different.