More dopamine or less dopamine

Is schizophrenia a result of more dopamine secretion or less dopamine secretion?

From what I know it’s bcoz of more dopamine secretion

So the anti psychotics cut down the dopamine. Am I right?

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I think @Aziz knows a lot about this


Ok hopefully @Aziz will answer it

Thank u anyways

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Hmm. . .

I’m Not An Expert On Dopamine. Or Secretion Of Such Dopamine.

But!, The Idea Seems Strange.

Honestly I Never Looked Into It.

Something Along The Lines Of More Dopamine The Better You Feel?.

I Always Remind Myself Mind Over Matter.

But!, When One Gets A Headache, That Saying Seems Like Some Form Of Dopamine Sarcasm.


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Antipsychotics are dopamine antagonists (although many antipsychotics interact with other brain receptors too). What that means is they block the interaction of dopamine with dopamine receptors in your brain. I don’t think they reduce the amount of dopamine, but I’m not totally sure about that, they just block it from interacting with dopamine receptors.

Here is the Wikipedia article on dopamine antagonists and here is one on receptor antagonism.

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Ok thx

Ya I also remember reading along such lines

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My pdoc told me I’m hallucinating due to too much dopamine

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Even I thought so that with sz we have more dopamine

It’s the opposite of other normal/physical illness where the secretion of a chemical is less if the organ is damaged

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Too much or too little. Neither are good.


I’m met/met


Ya u r right

Too much or too little both not good

Thx for the diagram

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Well its all theories nothing is 100% proven but my pdoc told me negative symptoms can be caused by low dopamine in some brain parts while positive symptoms are caused by high dopamine in other brain parts. I guess I will know when I try Strattera as I its supposed to only raise dopamine in the frontal lobes.

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Its why meds can make negative symptoms worse by blocking dopamine in all brain parts.

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in some cases i believe. in some cases they need more dopamine i think. Also the same with serotonin. Some meds reduce it and some increase it. I believe antipsychotics primarily act on these two neurotransmitters. And so i suppose thats why there are many different medications. Perhaps you need to find the one which increases or decreases dopamine and serotonin to what your brain needs and also in what measure. Its probably a lot more complicated than that but that’s how i understand pharmaceutical antipsychotics very simply put.

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Thx @Aziz as always for the insightful answers

So it means when you have positive symptoms then there’s more dopamine being secreted in which case the app’s must be cutting down the dopamine and it’s side effect could be it could give rise to negative symptoms which have less dopamine

I think that’s what happened in my case

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Thanks @ThePoet for a sensible answer

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