More convo with voices, again

"You think they are getting away with it?! Nope, it ends up quite even in the end, which is the beginning. yeah, those people look like they are getting away with it but they aren’t, it’s fair, it’s just not fair yet, it all comes back around really.

And it’s easy for him you know, he just makes you again, it’s humpty dumpty but with a good ending which is the beginning, he just puts people back together, ohhh but howwwwww right, well he can’t tell people that right now, that is guarded right now. But in a basic way you are recorded, it’s just like putting all of the info on a computer into a brand spanking new cpu, except this cpu is a good cpu, not like the cpu you have now at all.

Right, doubt, are we lying to you do you think, well, we’re waiting…"

They say.