More baby time..... no panic, just concerned

Continuing the discussion from Just in case advice needed… (baby involved):

Continuing the discussion from Just in case advice needed… (baby involved):

MIxed Feelings… I wanted to thank everyone from the last thread for their ideas.

the Mom got in touch with us. She felt like she blew the job interview so she hooked up with her dealer and partied a little to hard and NOW she’s in Oregon somewhere. She won’t be home until Tuesday or Wednesday or maybe Thursday. So we have the baby for a bit longer. I’m happy that we get to keep the baby a few more days but I have a feeling a trend will be starting. This situation might get sad quick. Now that I know the Mom is alive and working her way back home, I wouldn’t feel at all right about calling in the cops. What a sticky situation… But the baby is happy. She’s well fed and we’re taking her to “tot time” at the pool.

I can certainly understand having mixed feelings. When I became an addict my kids dad stepped in and took the kids and got sole custody. It was the right thing to do. Being an addict I was in no condition or the right frame of mind to put my kids welfare first. I know the baby is in a safe place but if the mom is putting her dealer above her baby then that is not good. Abuse does not have to be physical, it is also neglect. I know this is hard but I know what I did when I was an addict. I used to use with my kids at home, in bed. If she is leaving her baby for days then I would wonder about what else she is doing when her baby is with her that no one knows about. Just a thought. We know that addiction does not stick to a schedule. When the need and opportunity is there, it is taken. Sorry if I dampened your enjoyment of taking care of the little one.

Do you know any local social service provider that help teenage mom? She probably needs a lot of solid support and guidance. They would be more experienced and in a much better position to coach and provide help. Being a new mother is really demanding. They certainly need a lot of regular help.

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It’s true, when the opportunity knocks… I used to open the door wide and welcoming. Poor baby. Now I do wonder what she does when she has the baby. I think she tries her best to be a good mom. The baby is fed and healthy and seems to be really interactive. There has been NO mention of a father anywhere. Even my sis can’t get a word out of her about that.

She is 17, technically homeless and most likely scared witless… maybe it would help out if I just looked after the baby for a while until she can get through rehab?

My sis says her friend (the mom) has an Aunt just a little up north who is NOT a religious baby hating zealot. So she wants to find the Aunt and let her know what’s going on. But the baby is happy here and not that much trouble.

I’m NOT going to go off the deep end on this one and I will do everything by the book and make sure that I do the right thing… But I can’t help thinking that Sadie Ann Mackenzie is good name.


I live in a big city and there has got to be a YWCA or a resource some where in this city. I would hate to be the one who causes this woman to loose the baby completely. Foster care system here is Broken with a capital B. This last american government shut down only served to GUT child protective services in our state. Something had to give and Senior care and CPS got the ax.

Would you be able to get subsidized day care for the baby?

I do know that the YMCA’s in our city have a low income infant care program. There are three YMCA’s about 15 minutes away from us in any direction. That would help when I have to go to work. The sis and I are only really both gone from the house Monday and Wednesday evenings for classes. Some campus have an infant care for night school. I’ll have to look into that. Thank you for that idea…

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She’s trying to be a good mother and the baby is happy and healthy, right? You’re not trying to cause her lost the baby, but she does need more help in taking care of the baby. Try to get her some resources. I think it’s ok to feel good thinking about the name, mr Mackenzie. :smile:

I hate to say this, but this looks like a major problem in the making. Caring mothers do not abandon their babies for days at a time and end up in another state.

And having you and your sis taking care of the baby is not a long term solution. And who’s going to take care of the baby if she actually straightens up and gets a job?

I think the best way you can help her, and the baby, is to get her in touch with some resources. Food assistance, daycare assistance, substance abuse counseling.

There are some major problems here that require LONGterm solutions. I would be calling every state, county, and city assistance programs I could find. To make sure the baby is well taken care of by its mother–not her friends.



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