More asthma

I,am back in the hospital. Once more it is respiratory issues that bring me here. I got here ion Tuesday and am slated dw to get out next Tuesday. I had to get a PICC line put into my arm ybecause I have the world’s worst veins. The tried over 15x to get away IV Site…I look like I was in a bad flight and I lost. Another five days here!!I’m going to be climbing the walls.A all this effort to keep breathing. If you ask me,i it is highly over rated. Lol

I have asthma. I’ve never had it bad enough to have to go to the hospital for it, though. I take Advair to control it. Hope you feel better soon.

I have been in the hospital between two and six times in a year. It has almost killed me several times. I’m always here for at least a week at a time. You are blessed that your aasthma izs under control.

Good luck - and thanks for posting while you are in the hospital. Hope you are out and well soon.

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hope you get better soon.
take care

I’m so sorry to hear about you health issues! You will be in my prayers.

Hang in there and don’t let the boredom make you crazy!