More and more insight into illness

I have more and more insight.
Ablify helps me the most, it’s my fav med, but added vraylar helps me with insight.
also being in work, and comparing myself before illness and now (while doing tasks) it gets clear I need meds.

I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, because getting more insight seems sad and good at the same time. Sad - because I would love to not be ill, and it’s always hard to accept this very serious disorder. But it’s good because, it’s better to understand the real situation and create life in a way, where I stress less and take care of my mental health more.

Sometimes I had these paranoid thoughts that doctors could be lying I have SZ. Now it’s clear I do have some or the other form or SZ. Less paranoid thoughts. I am making progress.


I’ve been told I have “too much insight” once lol.

What about your tasks at work makes you realize you need meds? You mean that while on meds you remember things better or have more motivation or something like that?

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I realised that meds are crucial for my daily functioning. Just it became clearer I really do need them. For both negative and positive symptoms. :slight_smile: @OrdinaryWeather

Because without meds possibly I couldn’t even find a job, what about maintaining a job…

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Hey, that is some great progress. Good for you!


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Heeeey, thanks! :pray::heart: @shutterbug

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Question for you: You are excellent with your own selfies and have a great instinct for what looks good in a portrait. Have you considered trying to do portraits of others? You have skills in this area and I bet you could do good work here.

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Good going @BringMeCoffee!
I was told that I have excellent insight on my meds too.

Off meds I have zero insight


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