Morbid talk

When you die, what would you like your family to do for you? Do you have a preferred method of burial?

I’m planning on donating my body and organs (if not destroyed by my genetic disease). I want to donate my body for research purposes so that they could study my brain for sz research and the rest for general studies.

I’m yet to select a hospital to take my deceased body for research. I might select the hospital that cares for me.

Please know that I’m not suicidal. As a person who is dealing with a neuromuscular disease, I’m simply preparing in case I die due to my symptoms.

The hospital takes care of the funeral arrangements so that it works out with that too.

I have already registered to donate my organs and body to science. I think it is a good thing. I have loved ones who survived because of organ transplants. I won’t be using them anymore, so I see no reason to let them just rot.

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I have told my folks that i want to get cremated


@Om_Sadasiva. I’m with you but I wanna have it taken to another step I wanna be used as nourishment for a beautiful flower bearing tree
Add on: or roses

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I’d like to be frozen and put in a glass coffin like Superman’s mortal enemy Doomsday and shot out into space to orbit some sun or planet.

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I feel the same. I’m going to get registered soon but here in Korea you have to pick a hospital to donate your body to science. So I’m working on that soon.

My parents do find my decision morbid for a young woman to consider. But I don’t know how fast my condition is progressing so I don’t know when I should start preparing.

I want to do something good even after I die. :slight_smile:

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What do you know about doomsday, nick? I didn’t know you were into comics.

I’m going to be cremated. My wife says she’s going to put my ashes in a build a bear. I told her I don’t want my soul trapped in a stuffed animal. I don’t think she’ll listen.

I going to be cremated, and have my ashes spread over my property by drone.


I would like to be yeeted into the sun


I’ve already told my family about it, assuming Phil goes first (he’s 12 years older than me)

I want to be buried next to him, probably in Erie, IL where he grew up and lived too raising his kids. Idk cuz neither of us have a plot.
And he doesn’t have life insurance.

I just want a Christian burial, and/or funeral, which I’m sure my family will have done.

I’m an organ donor and want to be donated to science. Once they are finished they cremate and return ashes to the family.

I will be buried next to my Mom and dad when the time comes.
We have the plots and tombstone all set up.

My brother wants to be buried there also.

It’s located in my childhood town.

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I want to be cremated. I don’t care what they do with the ashes. They can even throw them in the toilet. But I don’t want to take up space in some graveyard for decades.

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I read your comment quickly and thought you said you don’t want to end up in a space graveyard for decades.

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Jeez, that would be even worse!
So inefficient!

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I’m immortal 151551)

Can you donate your organs after death if you are taking antipsychotics? Won’t the AP end up in our organs and blood?

To be cremated and my ashes spread at my favourite beach

Wow never thought that about drones.

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I don’t want anybody over my grave because no one will be, I’d prefer to be buried though