Morality question

The orphanage is in dire straits because too many people already looked away. If you see a need in your community and you can help, step up. Put in time. Share your resources if you can. Advocate. Find other resources. Just don’t be another person to look away.

It’s sad when people have to do negative and destructive things to achieve positive results.

I said I wouldn’t report a crime. Because ■■■■ the cops. Unless it’s hurting someone I dngaf. Steal from big box stores, don’t care. Rob a bank, don’t care. Steal a car from a dealer, don’t care. ■■■■ calling the cops.

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When I was 18 I was parked across the street from my house, a truck backed into my car and totaled it, the first and only time I called the cops they said they wouldn’t respond, but a few months earlier I was working on my car in the drive way and 2 cops pulled up on me and accused me of stealing from my own car in the drive way and sat me on the curb and interrogated me for 10-15 min til my mom came out and they finally left, I was only 18 for both incidents f*ck cops. If someone is hurting a dog or child and I’m too paranoid or anxious to confront the person I might call the cops, but in my experience either they won’t show or I’ll end up getting harassed.


it depends on if we’re talking like a bank chain like pnc or a small local bank in a midwest town somewhere that holds all the money of the townspeople

I could look the other way if the account holders aren’t suffering greatly because of the robbery, but if it caused mass bankruptcy in the process of donating the money you’re no longer hurting a faceless institution - it would be as bad as robbing those people individually

think this question is more complex than it is at face value

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