Morality crashes like a plane

Morality-planecrash is how I describe my mind. Before the crash I kind of want to believe into this world, but becauuse I don’t trust this world much enough, my morality crashes. I know it’s not the case of ME or a case of no-one, but anyone noticed the same?

Have to say my experience with sz is quite the opposite. I found deap fillings of conviction with my unethical choices. They would haunt me and eventually I would have to go back and make my wrongs wright. Changed my way of life didn’t like that deep feeling of guilt i would get. Some to do with paranoia some to do with religious conviction.

I’ve been thinking this your way too, but not took these steps yet because I think I’d just have a new, even a bigger “plane-crash”.

I believe when we are out of God’s will it’s normal and healthy to have these convictions. It’s God’s way of setting us straight not because he’s controlling ( because we can always go our own way) but because we were designed for his, and him for our pleasure. And his ways are always the best for everyone in the long run. Think this is magnified with sz . At least for me it was.

Indeed. I believe something like this too.

So, my message to all my voices, is YOU ARE NOT GOD SO I DO HOW I FECKIN WANT!

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Even Buddhists, Hindus , Taoists, Animists, Neopagans, and Secular Humanists?

There isn’t One Truth brother, There are 7 Billion Truths all smashing into each other at once. If you do Something and it makes you feel bad you should probably stop doing it. No matter what anyone else or any religion or belief system tells you.

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I think that the morality level should be always ZERO. Because the higher morals taste too much like EGO.

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I like the Idea behind that. But I would say something like:

Watch out for applying Your Subjective Reality to the Objective Reality we all Share. What works for One won’t work for All, that’s just Life.


Good for you, but I’m glad you understood the point right.

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