Moonwalker journal


Started Prozac 20 mg and knocked modafinil to 400. So far I’m awake. 10:30 am. Took 300 depakote last night


The wife is entering info into an account with customs to get the amyloban released. We needed to upload a receipt of the purchase and a copy of my Amex card activity showing the purchase. What a pain


Are you in the USA? It seems so unfair you have to jump through hoops to get meds. Here in the UK the doctor or psychiatrist gives you a prescription, you go into the chemist and 10 mins later you have your meds. It’s all free if you are on disability, I think it’s so wrong people have to pay for essential medication.


I’m in Portugal


So dropping the modafinil down to 400 seems to have cleared up the ringing/voice. The Prozac must be helping with energy cause I’m still awake. I guess I’m glad this seems to be working, I just wonder if I can up the Prozac to 40 mg after a day. I’m not getting any side effects. Maybe not a good idea. Anyone know?


Well my voice is back but I can’t understand what she’s saying, all I hear is ringing.


So tired. Not fatigued. I’m about to fall asleep


I’m getting caught up. Did you reduce or stop or forget to take anything? That’ll cause ringing/tinitus.


The ringing is a hallucination


Except for the 3 pm sleep attack where I didn’t even fall asleep I’ve been awake. Guess that’s good


I was going to say no hallucinations, but here they are hmm


Talked to dr. Stopped depakote. Hoping that Prozac does the trick on its own