Moon Shadow Recovery Club


I like this one :slight_smile:


I think I’m up for the night, Holly is having contractions, but she’s not sure she’s ready to go to the hospital. So I’m on baby watch 2018 for the night. Sigh. This baby is definitely a night owl.


I’m glad you like it honey. Sometimes it’s hard to find them. I’m running out of ideas on where to look. If you stumble upon any pages with quotes let me know. I find them on facebook and I search for things like “inspirational quotes” or “motivational quotes” or sometimes even “healing quotes”. But it seems to just keep pulling up the same pages. I’m running out of search name ideas. I don’t want Moonshadow Recovery Club to die, it’s too cute.


Long live Moonshadow Recovery Club!


Pinterest is a great place to find quotes :slight_smile:


Maybe Brainy Quote: @leaf


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@anon20318121 @Gratitude @LED @Wave @zeno @anon20613941 @sigarino @Ish @metime @anon1571434


@JH85 @Chess24 @OcelotKitty @5713 @ninjastar @Spiderpig @Moonbeam @IndustrialLad @WhiteRaven @jukebox



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You always put so much thought into these, and I love them.


I :heart: you @leaf


I love you too Arturo!


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