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Moon Shadow Recovery Club


What are u having in breakfast…?? I love u my aunt terra…!!!


no breakfast for me, I have bad tummy troubles, I love you too @far_cry0 you’re like a son to me also

I’m just sipping tea for my tummy ache


@leaf, this one is for you



Just Enjoy ur tea Aunt… take care…


I do need to spend some time each day proving my devotion to none other than myself. Thank you for the reminder. Today is sure to be a better day than yesterday. The one advantage of being so low is you can only go up from there. Thank you @ninjastar, you’re the best!


We’re you able to look into WIC for your daughter at all?


she is signed up for WIC already, I think she just misses her appointments out of irresponsibility.


I’m sorry. That must be frustrating.


Love you terra!! @leaf


I love you too @Spiderpig, thank you. How is our little spiderpiglet doing? Any new pics lately?


Here’s a then and now comparison :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Oh I love him so much. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.


I love that he matches his stuffed bear! So cute!


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Nice one Terra…!! Good night Aunt…!!!