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I live near a university but I can’t afford it and I don’t have time. I have to take care of a loved one. It’s hard. I feel like I’m wasting time. Luckily I can read. At my former university I just need 5 math classes to graduate. But they are intense. Like real analysis, topology, complex analysis, mathematical logic, and set theory. It would cost me at least 12k in loans to finish those classes to get a b.a in math. But would I even work? I have like 50 books on my Amazon wish list lol. Like quantum mechanics and python programming as well as some light reading. Computer science is the future. Computer engineering is also interesting. So I’m learning through books. I try to but 1 or 2 books a month. I think after I get a car, I will attend community college part time. Like take intro computer science, intro physics. Stuff like that. I don’t have the confidence to work with others. I want to be self-employed.


I really like the idea of going to community college for the computer classes. That will be more affordable and even though it won’t get you the rest of what you need for the b.a. it will stop that feeling of wasting your time I think. But if you’re caring for a loved one you definitely are not wasting your time anyway, but I think I know where you’re coming from. Good luck with your classes and reading all those books. btw my son is teaching himself python, he really likes it. It’s possible he’ll go into programming in the furure, but really who knows. The world is his oyster right now.


Python is my favorite language so far. It’s probably the best language to start with!

Thank you!


good luck @insidemind


I have many years of experience with the Java language. I am not interested in learning Python yet, but as regards Java, I must mention the super rich and dedicated community. Any possible issue you might encounter while learning Java or applying it, someone else has surely posted a question about it on stackoverflow and gotten some useful answers / solutions. So you never feel alone or lost. The community has your back :wink:
I hope the same can be said about Python. Something worth checking out.


Well, it seems Java, Javascript is where the money is these days. Python is good for machine learning and data analysis. R is good for data analysis too. I don’t know AI, but python seems popular. Same thing for simulations. Fewer jobs for python. But it’s easy to learn.


Group was good. I learned that my obsession with being the most functional and capable person is a common response to living through abuse, because survivors don’t want to make themselves look like easy targets ever again. I thought it was just because I like being good at things.

I am doing something kind of typical for me, though. I comment a ton on other people’s stories, and offer up helpful coping skills, but I don’t actually share anything about myself. I’m like a sneaky ninja at avoiding confronting my emotions. I need to work on that.


I really like that you’re sharing this. It brings up a lot to think about.


Group was really helpful today. I learned some good strategies for surviving when I have to see my brother over Christmas.

I need to remember that group therapy is not a competitive sport. There is no award for pretending to be the most recovered. It’s okay to let people know when I’m struggling.


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Sup @leaf …what are u upto .!!! Haha i am drinking some milk tea… how are u terrA…???


I’m struggling my baby @far_cry0, are you enjoying your milk tea?