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I didn’t know you changed your screen name @leaf :slight_smile:


@ninjastar I’m very fond of you. I hope your having a terrific day!


Isnt she cool :sunglasses: ??? She does a very good job of balancing friend and authority figure at the same time. Don’t get me wrong the other mods do too but I think ninjastar does this exceptionally well!


that’s really sweet , let’s have a @ninjastar party!



Lol even though its her own party she better bake for us…


and here’s a present




oh lord that’s cute as a bug in a rug


and even cash gifts because your so cool



Oh you guys!!! You made me all teary-eyed! This was just the confidence boost I needed right before trauma group!


big hugs lady, you’re going to have a great group today.


Usually i get jealous when people get complimented even if i agree with that compliment so i don’t double compliment them but I’m feeling so good today i needed to compliment you. Cool you have trauma group. my therapy is really helping me. Have fun.


I actually double taked for a second, i saw teras post and said “WHAAAAT…NINJA STAR IS AWESOME BUT I AM NOT, IN TERAS MIND???”

then i stopped and thunk for a second and said “wait she is awesome. and just cuz shes awesome doesn’t make me un-awesome” Lol!! :slight_smile: :blush: :wink: :smile:

peace folks!!! IOP wont start till mid November i just got a call i dunno what I’m gonna do in the meantime :frowning:


Jon, you are also awesome and fantastic! I’m happy you’re going to get to do IOP again. It was really good for you last time.


@Gratitude let it be very clear, I am very fond of you also. Never forget that young man. You have my interest which is hard to get because I’m so apathetic half the time lol.


group hug*


I believe the PTSD makes me attention seeking in such a way…but i am working on it a lot and i think i am making great strides. the EMDR seems kooky but it really helps me. We tap to what we talk about and she always says stuff like “EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A VERY TOUGH TIME IN MY LIFE TAP TAP TAP EVEN THOUGH IT WAS VERY PAINFUL TAP TAP TAP I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF JUST THE WAY I AM TAP TAP TAP*”

And saying that stuff while tapping really helps me. Also my therapist has great insights on stuff. Its like shes teaching me hidden secrets to life. The art of forgiveness and acceptance she teaches me a lot about. I feel only like 1% of the population possess the traits that’s shes trying to engrain into my head.

She always says to give myself credit and “pat myself on the back” since because I’m making an effort to heal myself!!! She says many people have these issues i have but I’m working on them while other people never make progress. Although she still assures me they are still doing their best… Their best just may be different from my best.

The content of this post summarizes my therapy pretty well about what we talk about.