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Trauma group is weird. You’re supposed to talk about your symptoms, and not your trauma. But I just want to talk and talk about my trauma and never shut up. I want to compare traumas with the other girls and see if anyone matches up with me. But that’s apparently not recovery-oriented, because ruminating on all the bad things that happened to you prevents you from moving forward or something.


do you want to share here?


I’ve already shared here a bunch of times. I do like this place, because I don’t have the very worst story here. It’s the one place I feel like a normal person. Do you feel that way here? It’s part of why I hang around here so much. It’s sure not because of my sweet paycheck :smile:


I wish I could say it “out loud”, it’s just too awful


I tend to cope by talking obsessively about things to anyone who will listen. I am an extrovert at heart.


I think I was more extroverted when I was younger, I seem to be a little less so now. I score as an introvert on the Meyers-Briggs these days. I blame other people lmao.


Wish me luck. I’m going out to my sister’s house tomorrow to help her. Her partner’s brother is very sick and her daughter brought home head lice and she has a new baby. Things are very overwhelming for her, so I’m going to go help pick bugs and eggs out of her hair and provide emotional support. I wish she lived closer so I could see her more often. She is two hours away.


Oh my goodness sistah you need lots of luck for that one. I hope you have a blessed day at your sister’s house.



I didn’t have the energy to type everybody’s names


Sup @tera what r u upto …!!!


r u ok @far_cry0 ?


Yes i am okay okay…


did you have your bronchosotomy?


@tera are u going to sleep soon …!!!


Soon not now …within this week maybe…


I’m not sure when I’ll sleep. Maybe soon, I just took my meds


are you walking? Or are you too sick?


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