Mood swing

Just restarted medicine,the mood swing is really bad.I am affecting people around me,just don’t feel too well affecting other because of my illness

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Sometimes we do effect other people. It’s not nice but it happens. Hopefully the people around you can be understanding that you aren’t doing it intentionally. Merry Christmas.


Are you sza by chance? I know my mood swings used to really hurt my family. I started Lamictal, and now that I remember to take it twice a day, I am doing well. It’s gotten rid of that aggressive feeling I used to have. I used to blow up at the drop of a hat, and over stupid things at that. I feel bad for how it affected everyone, but I didn’t give up on my meds, and that has made all the difference. Good luck getting back on your feet. Those meds will start kicking in in a month or two, and then you won’t feel so lousy about it. In the meantime, stay strong.

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