Mood stabilizers with ap properties?

My main problem is my moods.
I can’t deny there are psychotic symptoms, but my moods are mainly the issue.

Does anyone know of any mood stabilizers with antipsychotic properties I could ask about next time I talk to a shrink?

Depakote has antipsychotic properties.
But it’s a big weight gaining med.

How much weight?

I gained 50 pounds easily on Depakote but it usually happens over 1000mg

I take Asenapine now, it’s an ap with a mood stabilizing property. I’d love to keep my current weight, but 10kgs more I could manage

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I’m SzA depressive type and the AP Abilify seemed to stabilize my mood. It was hell switching to it and getting the dose right. I haven’t been on any mood stabilizers as I was unaware not my mood swings until I went on Abilify and they went away.

I don’t know about mood stabilizers with antipsychotic properties but can’t you just take a mood stabilizer and an antipsychotic? I take an antipsychotic and an antidepressant and they work just fine for me for my symptoms.

You are looking for things that blocks serotonin or dopamine

I am not well versed in medications but my pdoc just put me on risperidone because it has mood stablization effects, don’t know if that helps.