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i wanna return to running when i was healthy i did marathon alot of 8 km and more
now i am 134 kg and even more
when i try to run voices come and threaten me like they real people swear to stop me from running
i also has bad mood while running and subconscious tell me that i will never continue running over coming days
what to do
i fed up with my weight i wanna be healthy
:weary: :weary: :weary:

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You can do a little at a time.
Start off slow, maybe some fast walking then try to jog then run.

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hey @saynow I just jog with my psychotic symptoms & enraged mood. I jog at my local park every morning. As @Wave said, I started off slow, mainly walking then jogging 500m, then back to walking.

I’m in my mid-40’s and my fitness built up quite quickly (though I was quite fit from hiking) and now I can walk/jog about 5-8km each morning. Mentally, I feel awful the whole time I’m exercising. My pdoc said I’d get endorphins & feel good but I never do.

I just do the exercise anyway, regardless of my psychotic symptoms raging away the whole time.
Don’t let the voices stop you, it’s always beneficial for your health to do healthy exercise. My mental health has not improved at all with my fitness but my physical health does. Just try to take care of the body, forget about the mind.


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