Month to go to pdoc, voices tonight again

My pdoc phoned me today and she said she’s on study leave, so she can only see me next month on the 20th July. I’ve been seeing her every two weeks so feel a little shaky waiting so long, but my present meds are helping ok.

I do feel more in control of psychosis but feel a little grey in mood. I don’t think it’s depression but I described it to my pdoc as feeling “quiet”. I think quetiapine is a very apt name - makes me quiet.

Hope I’ll be ok

But tonight heard voices again. Kill kill! Murderer, hypocrite… The same old crap. Die die goodbye I told Alien. Bothered me a bit. Now I really hope I will cope with the next month! Quetiapine please quiet me… Quietapine lol!



Hope you feel better @EarthChild.

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i hope things get better for you…

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