Monkeypox: World Health Organization declares it a global health emergency


I’m not as concerned with Monkeypox as I am with potential new Covid variants cropping up.

I don’t think it’s going to be a threat


monkeypox isn’t as contagious.

Is it wrong to be kinda “…meh…” about the whole thing?

Also feel like they kinda did the public a bit of a disservice by warning people not to venture to gay bathhouses in the beginning.

And also warning people not to attend PRIDE events out of concern for high contagion risk.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like they were really pushing monkeypox as some scary gay disease when the outbreaks were initially discovered.

Sounds like 80’s AIDS 2.0 to me but on a lesser scale.

Not sure, but I’m not aware of any diseases or viruses with sexual preferences.

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I havent read anything about this monkey business.

continues to put head in the sand


I honestly think the media is trying to condition people to constantly be on alert.

My spidey senses are tingling

Edit: the word i was thinking of is hypervigilance


Honestly I think the same thing. They’re just scaring people because that makes people do what you tell them to.

I’m still exhausted from the covid situation even where I work nothing has been said about monkey pox although I work in a clinical health setting.

Usually they inform us.

On the one hand UN or WHO pushes a globalist/ internationalist agenda that increases global interconnectedness in all areas, but then a direct result of this is spreading of disease and global health emergencies that have to be controlled. I don’t think it would be terrible if countries became more isolationist.