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This is how my day went. Logged into my college account. Found an email. Randomly asked on the chat line if I would be getting a refund check from the school. “You already were issued the refund check” oh. “Ok. I never received it how much was it.” etc. then I had to go thru an intense process of this bank app that was supposed to be closed- the same woman I had asked to close it before answered. It was in the old account that the college offered as an external bank to receive the refund. Somehow it was attached to my closed email and an old cellphone number. It was back and forth four hours with the only option to paper mail copies of all my Identification and a written explanation. So good old twitter came to my rescue. I used this with the wells fargo fraud case too. Miracles happen on twitter for me in regards to communication and responses. I contacted the bank that seems to have aquired more leverage over the old bank. I was so happy now because the bank is closing this old account finally and will issue a check to my home address provided and I will receive it in the mail 5-7 days.

Im doing outreach on stimulus for the disabled single adults. This is what I wrote:

We are not Lazy

Without Medicaid I would not be able to afford life-saving treatments that have saved my life. I am able to afford medications for a mental illness called schizophrenia. Without this I would not be able to function. I am still struggling to join the workforce and feel less shame and stigma for this mental disorder. I tried to get SSDI but I did not work enough hours at the warehouse to qualify. I have had this illness diagnosed since the age of sixteen. It has taken a lot away from my future. I try to put myself in the shoes of others with mental illness, veterans, and other types of disabilities who are having trouble getting support.

I was denied SSI after three years and told I could bus tables at night so that the manager didn’t have to look at me. The stimulus checks sent out were extremely helpful and boosted my morale in the system. I bought a laptop with my $600 stimulus check. I got the exact amounts that were listed for a single filer. I am hopeful that we will receive a fourth stimulus check. people are talking about it who work full time and who would appreciate the help and support.

I heard that the director of social security may change, I hope this improves the system. That is why mainly I would support some form of UBI for low income or people trying to get jobs. I would work if I could afford transportation. Without enough money to get a car Im pretty much stuck even though I want to go work at warehouse again and make about $15 an hour, am fully vaccinated,

I Just dont have the fam. support or government help or anything. It sort of upsets me that families always get the support. DHHR doesn’t give cash assistance on SNAP unless you are a family. So thats the main reason I already dont have any cash assistance. I dont want my disability to limit me. I didnt even want to apply for SSI and was found to be not limited by schizophrenia. I want to succeed and have a secure future.


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