Money isn't sick. I am

I wondered where I got all the ideas that money is evil or bad or nonexistent (like living like a dog). It was all a defense to avoid saying I might be to sick to hold down a job.

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True that… There is also the jealousy component of those who have and haven’t had to work for it. But we’re all on that scale somewhere… as someone living off of benefits… I have no right to complain about the system now.

There are tons of things I hate about money, but really it’s the economy that’s awful. Consumerism is just ■■■■■■ all around.

Well, a certain amount of buying and selling is just necessary.

People really gotta take the power back and realize that we are all doing our own little things to steer the economy… money is a voting mechanism in capitalism…

But there are things that are very difficult to opt out of, cars, computers, phones, and they are all very susceptible to planned obsolescence.

Are you talking due to technological advance making product inferior?

or just general wear and use and longevity not being a crucial factor in the design process

both apply to what you mentioned…

There are companies that have longer lasting products… if more people made a movement to buy only long lasting products… companies would respond and design products to last longer… instead of lower prices, product longevity would become the ends of competition.

I’m talking about designing objects in a way that they need to be replaced. Refusing to repair existing products, designing them to break easily, apple is notorious about that. I mean really, they release 3-6 new iphones a year, it’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous, and the screens on smartphones break constantly. You don’t think we have the technology to make shock resistant phone screens? We do. We have the technology to make lightbulbs that last years and years. Cars nowadays don’t run nearly as long as the old ones did, they’re harder to repair, you pretty much have to go to the dealership for anything new, corporations are bleeding the life out of americans and none of the jobs that manufacture these things are in the states. That’s why our economy is so ■■■■■■.

It’s stupid that phones don’t come with screen protection from factory… or sturdier cases(regarding cases though… people like to accessorize)…

I have an iphone 6 in a case with a screen protector and I don’t plan on replacing it. It browses the web in real time… i mean it’s crossed that threshold of finally not needing to be replaced.

They will nickel and dime at every turn… what I’m saying is people need to stand up and start supporting the companies that don’t do that…

Volvo for instance. Granted it’s an import… I own a lexus from 1999 and it’s only issue is a knock sensor and air intake sensor… and my local self owned and operated mechanic can do all the work on that… ( one issue is I can’t find replacement brake shoes for a car that old)

Product support should never stop… but there is a whole under market of restoration and specialty companies that do custom work… Keeps people employed.

Things could be better, and they will get better.

It’s all about really researching what the best products are. Longevity is a major factor in that… but also proper care is a must to know. Like keeping fluid at the right levels. Being watchful of leaks… staying ahead of simple repairs.

It’ll all get better… Do you know how simple electric cars are in comparison to combustion/hybrids?

No fuel system, no exhaust, no belts and really almost no engine at all. No drive train or transmission.

I mean the newer electrics like the Tesla cars… 4 separate motors controlled by computer providing all wheel drive functionality and basically they just seem perfect… Range is always an issue with electrics.

I mean it’s just the state of things.

I do think some car’s are really ■■■■■■■ poorly designed…

I mentioned volvo earlier because they’re known as the brand of car you can do most repairs yourself. Changing out engine components are stuff like that.