Money is a problem

money is a problem each and every dayI tried to find ways to say that it’s just fades awayplease don’t nickel and dime me I really don’t understand the things that cost so much these days are from the seeds that make it standlike the power company that raises rates to the gas company that fuelsmy car they’re all a bunch of robbers if you ask meif i were to break down how much money per day I receive I can buy three dollars worth of food to eator save up $2 and buy a pack of cigarettes neither one is good for you like starvationbut it may be the only evil I haveif I was considered a fourth class of awsome I would probably be getting more than what I’m getting nowthe scary thing is is they may give the immigrants that have knock into the country free stuff like cars and houses and land in food and services in the healthcare and I’ll buy and I’ll still be receiving the same amount that I have always hadsorry Mr President this is unacceptableI didn’t go to war and fight for America but I did get jobs working for the service I did not go into some health care professions but I did take care of elderly people for a whileI didn’t become a fireman are officer but I did work in a plant where they built ambulances and fire trucksI did do the religious thing and got married and had kids and raised my kids until they were out on their ownno I think there’s money problemssimply because I cannot get some things accomplished that I need to do for myself for my community for my country and for my livelihood as well so please when you decide to give me a small measly amount of minimum wage income or a jump incost of living increase please make it more than 1% or 2% it needs to be something like 8 30 or even 50 percent in order to have things like buying a home purchasing a carno Mr President you build up the companies but you forgot the bailout the peoplein conclusion I will try to do my duty as an older person to take care the middle class which is so recklessly spending nothing on something that is not even necessary in order to maintain a happy inconclusive lotand at the same time try to respect those of the older class that there is such a bundle from wars gone past

I’m glad you are able to vent.

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nothing comes easy voicing your opinions are cheap but if we all stick together they’ll be something in the pantry Dto eat

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‘nothing comes easy voicing your opinions are cheap but if we all stick together they’ll be something in the pantry Dto eat’

Amen to that! But many think the US is going to hell in a hand basket, as the oldsters used to say.

Ship all the jobs off to Asia…Put many folks into minimum wage jobs who increasingly are only getting 3 hour shifts so employer doesn’t have to give them a bathroom break…Cut the food for these folks down to nill…Even restaurants don’t feed their staff the leftovers any longer…It is fly food for the dumpster & not even used to feed to pigs. Only place people get to eat in my city is soup kitchen by the red light district with the prostitutes…bus only runs til end of the white collar shift. STUPID STUPID STUPID!