Money can't by love, but it can buy survival

If survival is love, than money can buy the love of survival. Money, then, is just another necessity.


There are volunteer firemen here that fight fires and do not get paid to do it.

They sometimes work over fifteen hour shifts .

They save lives and assets and towns etc

They are in conditions that are terrifying for me.
I would get overwhelmed I reckon and I am not so brave but a p####.

They help people survive.

Many perhaps of These people are some of my favourite thingzzz

Like my bf said he is a one woman man, honourable, thoughtful,loyal , etc

I also love grace.
Another favourite word of mine and quality I :two_hearts: love.

They do not get paid but they sometimes get fed but often the food they get is not nice such as hamburgers that are cold because it took so long to give to them get there etc


@SacredNeigh7, is your avatar tulips or tomatoes or hearts? I can’t quite make it out.

It is of Lieutenants heart flowers.

My Grandma used to speak about them lovingly.

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Money can buy survival. I agree.

It is what makes the world go around.

Many of us humans do not like that fact.

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I think survival is 50/50. How rich man unable to survive because of most of the reasons. So its a chance.

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survival in the war

money is limited happiness is not


No, money can’t buy love. No indeed. But it can sure buy people’s attention. You have to be really wary.

Money is a component to owning the factors of production. The higher the social class you are, the more money or purchasing power you will have.

Money makes the world go round.

What you said looks like a philosophy.Are you from Hongkong?我在中国北京

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No, I’m a United Statesman. That money is necessary is just fact, not philosophy.

The question still remains; even though you have the means to survival, can you adapt to your targeted environment?

I didn’t take philosophy class in college.不是,我在加拿大。我父母是香港人。


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There are quite a few Chinese on here such as @green5 & @Maximum.

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Is there any way we can translate this?

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I just mentioned the discrimination about Schizophrenia patient in China, this makes ours life inconveniently. We, even though we may take medicine and be treated well by doctors,Schizophrenia patient can’t marriage, can’t drive, can’t Vote leglly in China

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