Mom supports my

My mom supports my wanting to edit and make clothes! I’m amazed! We have always argued in this area because she has always said I can’t but now she’s saying I can!!! What a change!!! What if this is real and I’ve hallucinated all the arguments?? How do I know what’s real… What if she’s always let me be me but I thought she wanted me to be different than what I wanted to be… I’ve always considered myself my mom’s little soldier but what if I never had to be?? What if I’ve always been delusional and saw her different than she is? What if I’ve been in psychosis for all this time?? I’m so confused… What do I think


My mom confirmed we’ve never had this conversation and she’s always encouraged my uniqueness and love for arts and crafts… I’m kinda upset by the fact I’ve probably never known my mom for who she is


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