Mom stole my smokes

I went to the old abandoned blockbuster video and saw Merideth perusing the wares of the old necromancer who lived there.
I said to her “when are you going to take me interdimensional traveling with you?”
Obviously trying to avoid my question she phase shifted into a million particles and dissected the old mans corpse leftover from the monkeyman war of the year 500.

Afterwards I decided that it was time to have some cheesecake and throw away my leftovers. WHY you ask? well fortunately for me I was able to manipulate my stomach to digest the unforseen consequences of childhood morbid obesity and make room for seconds.
By the time I returned home from my adventure I had looked on the dining room coffee table and realized my mom stole my smokes.



The last line made me remember, when I used to smoke, all those people who seemed to never buy their own cigarettes and wanted to bum one off of me.

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I like it! 15151515

I used to be one of those people who never had their own cigarettes xD But there was times when I bought them and it got emptied out throughout the day by people I had owed smokes to.

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