Mom said she wanted to be empty nester!

she told me that saturday, im the youngest of 4 kids. anyways in her ideal world, i would be working with my own life and my own place, and she would come and visit me a few times a year like she does with the rest of her kids. she didn’t anticipate having to deal with me everyday for 37 years, although i did move out for 7 or 8 years in my 20’s and was living independently.

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Maybe your mom needs a break. You do have your own home. You could just not go over for a while and let her invite you. Put it all on her to make contact.


Lol. You do come accross as a bit dependent on your folks @Lifer

Idk how my mom put up with my sh*t all those years. Compassionate people I guess


I’m not trying to be mean. But I can understand her POV. I take care of 5 kids daily and have one that will never leave it’s a lot.


My mom doesn’t mind me living at home, in fact she doesn’t want me to move out. I’m 43. My parents are in their 70’s, my mom is nervous about driving and my dad really shouldn’t drive because of health conditions. I do everything for them (grocery shopping, mow the lawn, take them to doctors appointments, pick up their prescriptions, cook their dinner, etc…) and my mom keeps telling me they are so lucky to have me around.

However, I know she is disappointed she doesn’t have grandchildren. She always wanted grandchildren. I have failed on that count.


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