Mom said I'm not trying hard enough

I have a job interview today. I think the job is a bit too difficult. I’m not getting good enough answers to their questions. I don’t know why but it’s difficult for me to come up of a brilliant answer or a complete answer. I do not come up with good answer. They ask about some situational questions every time. I’m doing not good enough. I’m too tense.

Take it easy. If this job doesn’t work out there will be others. If you can’t work you can apply for ssi. It helps to show them that you are making a good faith effort.

Can you make notes about stuff? There is no rule that you can’t bring in notecards or bullet points for yourself. At least that’s what the career counselor at school said. Also if there is someone you can practice questions with.

U are right. I can prepare more. I better write out answers to some mock interview questions.