Mom is helping me get a tune up on my s u v

oh I am so happy to get my s u v tuned up !! it has faulty coils around the plugs making the car buck and hitch when accelerating…met a mechanic that is doing it cheap so mom is paying for it…


i didnt know you drove, what you going to do with it when its fixed up?

just relax more when going on long trips to the city…

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My mother is trying to destroy my life and the worst thing is is everyone is on her side, they are so abusive and stupid. I had a yellow SUV and a pink car with a rainbow catfish and a stalker flavoured town

Uh, what the what? That’s a new one.

I replaced the coil pack on my truck , it wasn’t too hard to do.

My brothers a mechanic so he does the hard stuff for me, very fortunate for that!

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It’s like an icecream shop with only one flavor and the icecream tastes like stalkers?


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