Mom fifteenfifteenfifteen

My mom died on Dec 28th last year.
I haven’t cried yet.
Sometimes I catch myself thinking I can go see her.
Then I remember she passed.
I miss her, but feel kinda numb about it.
The first few days after she passed, I drank.
But what was weird is I just got mad at my GF for weird reasons that didn’t make any sense.
But like I said, I didn’t seem to process my mom dying.


When people die we dont always register it immediately sometime it only affects us months or years later

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Hey mate. I’m a year later and haven’t seen my mum’s memorial. It’s all too real and hard for me. Like I can continue without dealing with that and I do that. I guess it’s survival. I’ll go down soon though and take her a coffee.

Amazing woman. I need to deal with it eventually but like you I’ve been emotionally putting it off for sure.


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