Mohamed Ali's IQ

I listened to Ali’s speech on why he was refusing to go fight in Vietnam, and he was articulate and well spoken. They said his IQ was somewhere in the upper 70’s, but he seemed more intelligent than that. I bet that with a little practice his score on the IQ tests would be much higher.

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IQ doesnt measure physical skills.

No one questions his boxing skills, but I read in “Time” magazine that he tested at 77 on an IQ test. He seemed more articulate and well spoken than that when he gave his reasons for refusing to go to Vietnam.

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Well in the 80’s or 90’s wasn’t there a time when they said an IQ test is biased against people of color. And yes, being articulate was a strong point of his. And I always wondered how intelligence and a sense of humor are related. Because he he had an above average sense of humor which he often even brought into his actual fights. And he was a worldly man too.

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I’ve met some dumb people and some smart people. It matters more about who you are and what type of person you are and how you deal with people. I think. Some of the not so smartest people can get on my nerves, but also make me a better person and have a lot of talents in other areas like art and love. Some of the nicest/best people in my life are of average intelligence. Some of the smarest people can come off cold and mean and arrogant and even selfish.

Mohamed Ali seems smart to me. Might have had head injuries though like a lot of sports people. That could have affected his IQ and also racism.

There’s people with down syndrome that are more successful than me that run and operate their own business. I’ve heard about them in the news. It makes me question my prior assumptions and makes me want to try harder in life.

I really never figured out my IQ but I assume it’s over 100 points. I’d be happy with 110 really. I’d be so happy with that. A lot of smart people get depressed and suicidal and emotional and lonely.

I’ve always said I rather be a farmer than anything else. Like just be left alone and be happy and work the fields and feed my family and not wonder about life or question things constantly about the universe. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

My mom is average maybe a bit below average but she’s the only advocate and caregiver I have. She’s always positive and cheering me on and I’m grateful for her and love her. She’s taught me a lot and most importantly hasn’t given up on me when other people have.


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