Modified Mediterranean Diet for Enrichment of Short Chain Fatty Acids: Potential Adjunctive Therapeutic to Target Immune and Metabolic Dysfunction in Schizophrenia?

YouTube - ‘Make yourself heart attack proof’

I just started incorporating the Mediterranean diet into my diet, but today I had rice and I’m eating Sour Patch Kids right now. :frowning: The SPK helps with the AN dizziness though.

What are SFAs in?

My doctor has me on this diet. he is a natropath and md. he took me off my meds, just has me on this diet, plus high doses of niacin and vit c. also supplementing with omega 3, probiotics, magnesium and acetyl co a. Havent had any symptoms in months. seems pretty legit, at least for me it is

@808chris I was on that crap for a full 2 years. Then I ended up psychotic in hospital. There’s no natural anti psychotic. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

it must not be for everyone