Modifications of Intelligence Quotient during Pre and Post-Psychotic Period in Men with Schizophrenia

An interesting research I’ve just come across from 2020.
Modifications_of_Intelligence_Quotient_d.pdf (294.3 KB)

It states:

We concluded that people with schizophrenia, the mental activity, practical actions are preserved, the memory and
attention are not affected, instead the capacity to formulate individual correct conclusions based on a personals analysis is compromised.
In the acute psychotic phase, because of the thought chaos, mentism, the slowing of the ideational process etc. suffers the
general capacity of manifesting an adequate amount of intelligence, but there is no insufficiency in intellect. There seems to appear
an incapacity to separate the essential from unessential, or just what is considered essential in the real empiric world. So, it means
there is diminished productivity of thought process with a circumstantiality tendency and not a deficit of intelligence

I found that interesting. As one thing I was comparatively less able at, and still am to some degree, was PRÉCIS

It’s something that preceded overt signs of SMI- in my case.

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Hmm, I’m not a male, but I wonder how well one with psychosis would advance if studying a science…