Modern music, ideas/delusions of reference

Is there anyone else who thinks a lot of modern music is “about them?” Any songs specifically? I think the song Cleopatra by The Lumineers is about me, for example.


I used to. Can’t even remember them.

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That’s good you broke free of that. Did you do something that helped you do that?

No. I probably just got less attractive, so I didn’t end up in a song.

There’s music I highly identity with, the music or the lyrics or both, but nothing about me. Odd, coz I’m paranoid as f*ck.

I’m pretty sure Beethovens 5th Symphony is about me.


Yes… even music from the 90’s (not sure what’s considered modern)

It isn’t so bad anymore though, my delusions of reference


Not currently, but I have thought songs were about me or written for me, in the past. It usually happens when I start losing insight.

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@Human @Blossom any songs from 2009 or after? That’s when I think people started spying on me…so it would help to hear if you thought any of that music was about you…?

You name it, I probably think that it is about me or my love life! lol Hey, Ho by The Lumineers is one.

Yes, they were all more recent songs. I think I started having delusions of reference, with music, in about 2015.

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@anon97859349 anything else by The Lumineers?

Moonstruck and @Blossom anything by Breaking Benjamin, SBTRKT, Disturbed, Muse, Metallica…I’ll try to think of more…?

It wasn’t easy to be happy for you is by The Lumineers. I used to hear my name being called in Enter Sandman when really he is saying yeah yeah.

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No, nothing by those artists, that you listed.

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Cold War Kids, Stars, Ariana Grande, Kanye West…

Sometimes i think that the song waltz #2 by elliott smith was written with demonic influence so that the demon could play it inside my head and prevent me from being able to think.

The Glitch Mob…

I don’t think that any songs were written about me, but delusions of reference have been HUGE for me with my delusion. I’m very wary about listening to music now and pretty much don’t, I don’t think that my mental health is in a place where I really can.

I heard “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul in a bookstore tonight while I was browsing the mental health section. Had to spend some time later thinking it through. I came to the conclusion that it was a popular album by a popular artist and there’s literally no reason to assume that it had anything to do with me.

The only reason why I would think that it was being played for me is I listened to that album and “talked” about it when I was really getting going with my delusion, and I’ve heard it in stores before and thought that it was playing for me before.

Somehow I just never challenged my erotomanic thoughts, once they got established pretty much any song I heard had the potential to reinforce my delusion.

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