Modern love

I am getting overwhelmed again
By emotions and feelings that i get
From thinking about everything you said
You had me cornered with your words
That you use to demonstrate your worth
By every decibel you raise your voice
My fear increases with that noise
Bit by bit i am getting smaller
And gradually you are becoming stronger
Can you tell me what’s the reason
Behind that sudden colour switch
Your face promptly turned to crimson
And i am puzzled to a hitch
Cant receive your blurry message
There must something that i missed
Is it the anniversary that i forgot
Or it’s the mistress that i ****
Mb its the flowers you didn’t see in years
Or that night when i left you in tears
Or mb its that and even more
Cause i dont think i love you anymore


Welcome to the forum @Ecopuls

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Welcome aboard @Ecopuls . Nice work!

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Nice poem !!!

Thank you! Is there a place here where we can share stories about our illness?

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Thank you! Wrote it when I was going through psychosis)

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Hi welcome to the forum!
Is @Ecopuls your real name?

If it is the mods here discourage using your real name here.

You can summon one of the mods to change your screen name

Yes, it is my real name. But i don’t mind changing it, since it sounds weird for a native English speaker. How can I summon mod?

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@anon4362788 @Bowens @anon55031185 @Moonbeam

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What would you like to change it to?

Ecopuls, If it is available

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us

A few tips on things that confuse newbies:

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Thanks for the info, sir


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