Models for schizophrenia

My psychiatrist once told me there are three different manifestations in patients.

  1. It always goes away completely after an episode without residual symptoms.
  2. After the episodes there are residual symptoms and the more episodes you have the worse it gets.
  3. The symptom curve isn’t periodic

I am the first case and schizophrenia flares up every 3 months, often with medication reduction. I don’t know why.


I only get it when I lower my meds, I’d have it all the time if not for that.

I have it even with treatment

Guess for me im also the first one. But i have such intense symptoms of other problems. Like my anxiety is through the roof a lot. If i stay out and about for more than a few hours in the arvo and begin to feel uncomfortable i get a few mild delusions that i usually shake off after i get home. Its as if my anxiety induces delusions to return. Dont know what to do about this really. Im going to try to see a psychologist to work through it becuase meds dont seem to do anything. And they wont prescribe me benzos or any kind of prn for it so not sure if they would work.

Without medication symptoms are constant. I still hear a still, small voice sometimes with medication.

I’m fine on meds, but without I have symptoms.

I wanted to be a schizophrenia model, but my agent said the idea was crazy.


Number 2 applies for me, but I am still confident things can be fixed, even if it seems impossible - I will try

Little miss slothy


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