Mma class and relationship

I overcame some fear residing in myself to join mma. My ex says she’s going thru something with her baby dad. So I blocked her on Facebook and her number too. This type of mma has camps for fighters who will compete in the cage. Real serious I don’t look at myself as someone who’d step in a octagon for money. But I like training with serious folks. It will help with communication my sz. Just gotta do it.


What is mma? I don’t know that one.

Mixed martial arts I think is what he means

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Yes, prior to joining I had trained 4 years in the gym lifting weights. So when it came to jiu-jitsu u could imagine I was physically prepared. I guillotined my first opponent he weighed 230ish. Next was some Brazil guy he couldn’t really do nothing I was just over powering him. Next was the amateur fighter guy he had fought Inside the cage before. He was tricky but I capitalized on his mistake to try and take my back. I pinned him and just put my weight on him I was soo tired by that time. But yeah 3-0. My first time back since 2009 when I earned my yellow belt.

Mingling with everybody was hard but not with the people u spar with its like a connection gets built with those you grapple against. My body mechanically I swear I need like 3 days off just doing nothing but rest. My cardio was good since I had been playing basketball. Mma is probably the most cardio intensive sport. I train for life, my sza, to be successful, to feel good and to meet great people along the way. It’s ur life.

Hell yeah skullfuck that ■■■■. MMA is for men. I did Krav Maga in high school and sparred with my friends who knew other martial arts. Taekwondo ■■■■■■■ double kicked me in the stomach and won the first round, then we went a few more rounds and I pinned him after blocking his kicks with my (at the time) bigass arms and then slammed him and got in mount, I won that one. We both wore shin gaurds, headgear and gloves. We had draws the other rounds, he kept retreating and throwing kicks and wouldnt let me get near him after I landed a couple of punches.

I then sparred with a 230lb big ole boy and he forfitted because I kept landing strikes but kept my distance. He was so tired but he had balls, I kicked him in the side of the thigh a lot and landed hooks on his torso and only gave up after I knocked him down and mounted him, he rolled out, got up and then I hooked him again and backed up and kicked him in the leg again and he was like “you win” LOL he had a black eye but we were tight so it was cool.

I joined a powerlifting team, it is good to be around serious athletes. But dude, be serious, fighting is dangerous. I’ve been beaten in sparring matches in Krav and it hurt. I won most of the time, however. Wear a snug cup. WEAR A MOUTH GUARD. Get strong, do 5x5 stength training routines and kick ass. You should be working your abs like seriously insane. Im talking hundreds of reps of ab excersises 5 days a week. That way you can take a kick without getting winded, two kicks might catch you off gaurd, dont be like me and expect one kick and then get kicked by the other leg.

I was more of a traditional boxer than anything else, but I was known to tackle and slam people pretty often and just lay people my size out by hooking their leg and pushing them

People in MMA are crazy. I suggest glycofuse and hydrolized whey while you train, two scoops of each in a gallon size water container, MMA training sessions are usually 3 hours. I did MMA before to try it out. Lots of running, lots of endurance drills, good thing you arent a smoker.

Keep me posted, I love that ■■■■. Glad to hear it. Just be safe and don’t rage out, only rage out when you know what you’re doing or you will get your ass kicked.

and as for your new relationship, sounds like you are avoiding some drama, good. Baby daddy ■■■■ with ex’s? No thank you.

and watch the move Warrior (2011) with Tom Hardy playing a badass ■■■■■■■■■■■■ MMA fighter for inspiration. Seriously that movie is gritty. He plays the most hard boiled character, it’s great.

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