Mixed signals

I need some help,

Who doesn’t? What’s wrong?

i’m worried, i think i need some help with women

from women who speak the language

i keep getting things wrong and i keep thinking i am saying the wrong things :frowning:

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

  • Albert Einstein.

So say the right things daydreamer, lol.

aw @daydreamer, just relax and speak from the heart.
If for some reason you think you’ve offended someone, just be rady to apologize and briefly explain yourself.
Don’t spend too much time second guessing yourself though, because it will drain your confidence.

I know if Someone offends me, I will ask the person if what they said,did was intended to offend, and usually they don’t, but this gives them a chance to clear the air.

For those who arn’t as forward as I can be, when offended, most women go “cold.”
Meaning they stop eye contact, look away, stop talking and only answer with short, curt responses.

This is usually done until you “get the hint” something is wrong. If you are clueless for to long, they walk away.

If you really are clueless in picking up hints, just tell the girl up front you have a hard time with hints and please, if offended, say something to allow you to explain what you really meant.

I doubt you offend often as you think, so take a deap breath and focus on the conversation with her and not think things " too deep"