Mixed episode

I’m in a mixed episode (diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type) and I don’t know how to get it to end sooner rather than later. I feel like my manic energy is turning into irritability, I’m driving recklessly, I’m starting arguments, I’m laughing manically, I’m crying every night, and I’m being irresponsible. I’m not drinking alcohol right now (I promised hubby I wouldn’t drink for 2 weeks) so my go-to substance to abuse is coffee. I’ve been drinking so much coffee. Some nights, I can’t hardly sleep a wink. Other nights, I sleep for 12 hours and wake up at noon. It’s like my body can’t decide if it wants to be manic or depressed.

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I’m also sza bipolar type. When I get hypomania episodes I dance and sing and talk a lot. Hubby gets scared of me. I do get mixed episodes too, where I pace the floor and want to cut myself and laugh and cry at same time.

What I do to stop it is I take extra amisulpride (I normally take 200mg and if I get these episodes it’s usually at night and I take extra 100mg). If it’s bad I also take a valium as well. That works to calm me down and help me sleep.

For the last month or so I’ve been sleeping one night early (10:30pm or so) and next night late (1:30am or so). Alternative nights early and late. Don’t know why. But last hypomania I had was in June

I have sza , major depressive disorder type… I had been dx with dysthymia before… go through similar cycles… some nights I sleep well… other times I don’t…