Mixed emotions about life lately

There is some good things going on and there’s some bad things going on…it keeps me kind of mixed up…I can cry and laugh at the same time almost. Worried about my wife’s depression, she didn’t tell me until I refilled her prescription for sertraline that she had been halfing her dose to make it to when she could fill them…aside from the fact that it made me disappointed her demeanor has been bad these days after the dog passed away. My friend is in detox right now, which is a positive thing. My other two friends are wallowing in their addiction not wanting help, which depresses me because they really need help. I get to see my family this sunday so that’s cheery. but it all leaves me confused…sorry for the rant.


I know what you mean. My life is kind of the same.


I feel similar. Like there’s always something going wrong, and if there isnt, then there’s just a wait till there is - an anxiety.


I have to remind myself how grateful i am for how things are when they are even through the lows and the highs. Even when its not how I prefer to feel always. Going through depression I was taught to pay attention to the little things that bring you joy, but not cling to them forever. The Taoist philosophy of change and the universe. Spring brings about hope, but also a sobering reminder of all we’ve endured and risen through. Blessed be


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