Misused words

Continuing the discussion from Kid “stole” 500 SEK from me:

As you can see some words just get mixed up for me… :wink: Some I know I have a problem with others I’m learning… I used to get teased at work ‘Don’t you use spell check?’ Spell check only finds typos not misused words.

then and than
will and well
toke and took
sake and sack
pin and pen
personal and personnel
chore and choir

I’m sure there are lots more that I can’t think of right now. What words to you have problems with?

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We had fun with the polls and poles a couple days ago…

The thing is with words like chore and choir the spell correct won’t show anything because both are real words.

There, their, they’re are ones I will occasionally confuse, though a year in college corrected most of that…


Yeah I find myself using a word other than what I meant to use quite a bit actually. When writing anyway but not exclusively when writing. I usually catch this and change the word but it’s been known to slip by unnoticed…

I’m self educated in the first place…there are certainly gaps in my understanding of vocabulary and whatnot but I make do…


Similar, Similiar
Familiar, Familar
Necessary, Neccessary
Occasionally, Occassionally
Particularily or Particularly

As you pointed out, I often find myself confuse as to how many c or s or missing i.

As yes, I often confuse the Sweden with Switzerland. So I have no idea Swedish is Sweden’s or Switzerland’s.


Also your/you’re. 20 characters.

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Sorry, incomplete sentence, and replied to wrong person.

I meant it can be checked with spelling dictionary.

I also found eventually that I wasn’t even pronouncing a lot of the words I knew correctly. I may have known the meaning of the word but I had only seen the word and not heard it. My second girlfriend always found this amusing as I hadn’t heard these words spoken in a school setting like she had but had only seen them written so I was constantly mispronouncing though correctly using a lot of my words…

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I do this a lot with words… I get corrected and try to remember to say it right next time. Recently it was asking for theanine at the drugstore.

Necessary and occasion… Both tough ones for me.

Your rite.
I mean Your write
Your wright

You’re Right !!! Yay


Effective - Affective


“its” and “it’s” are a problem for many. I see it all the time.

Thing only thing that annoys me more than seeing other people misuse words is when I catch myself doing it.


conscience, conscious


Advice, Advise
Awhile, a while (MS word doesn’t pick it :frowning: )
Al-rite, all right

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